Moody Artist Point Elopement

bride and groom looking out at mountain views at artist point elopement

Caitlyn and Trevor’s Moody Artist Point Elopement

An Artist Point elopement is another popular, and stunning choice for a Washington State elopement. Looking to add adventure and epic mountain views to your big day? Artist Point is a great choice. It’s at the very end of the Mount Baker Highway, the highest point in the Mount Baker area that you can drive to. It is snowed out most of the year, but come July, people come in droves to check out this epic mountainous spectacle. Checking their website frequently can help you plan ahead and prepare for closures and weather. However, it’s a fairly unpredictable spot, as are the most amazing spots in Washington.

One of Caitlyn and Trevor’s main priority was an elopement all about them. Their priority was to make a day with their closest family members, each other, and the amazing Washington landscape. They love snowboarding, hiking, and sporting, and wanted an elopement that reflected that adventurous spirit that made them fall in love.

They got ready in a mountain cabin, then drove up to Artist Point for their elopement, and got dressed in the parking lot. Caitlyn wore a gorgeous, mermaid style, lace gown, and Trevor had on his finest suit. Perfect for their Artist Point elopement! We had no idea what to expect when we drove up there as we said, it’s completely unpredictable weather up there. And when we arrived, clouds had rolled over some of the mountain views, making it hazy and so moody. While we couldn’t see all the mountains, the views were still amazing, because there’s no way this spot could be ugly, even if it tried.

When we asked Caitlyn what her favorite part of her big day was, she said seeing Trevor for the first time at the altar gave her goosebumps, like they were meeting for the first time all over again. Since they opted out of a first look, this was the part they were looking forward to the most. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your partner for the first time on your wedding day.

We also asked Caitlyn to pass on some wisdom to future couples planning their elopements and she says: “If you want to elope, elope. People will get their feelings hurt but this day is about you and your love, and you will never regret doing it.”


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