October 6, 2020

Brooke & Ian

What’s better than a Washington sunset? A Washington sunrise!

Brooke and Ian wanted a completely free-spirited, adventurous, and intimate day, no matter what. Covid or no Covid, they always knew this plan was for them. And what better way to brighten the dark cloud 2020 had cast over all of us, than to choose it as the year they become newlyweds.

They met with us before the sun, to begin the grueling hike in the North Cascades. They had a small group and equally adventurous loved ones, even their furry friend, to join them on this epic day. We love the North Cascades because there is an endless list of hikes for all energy, and fitness level, that lead to stunning views for elopements. Did you know that North Cascades is one of the least visited parks in the country? So you are way less likely to have your elopement spot highjacked by other hikers and tourists, and you are way less likely to run into other people or people’s trash on the trails. And, it’s one of the only National parks that allows pets on hiking trails? But shhhhhhh! We don’t want the word to get out. It will stay our little secret. However, if you want to check out our other favorite elopement spots around the world, click here!

They arrived to their spot, just as blue hour began. As the day’s light illuminated our surroundings, our breath was taken away, and not just because our thighs were burning from the hike!

They did a first look after getting ready with family around. They had the perfect mountain glow around them, and it was a tearful reunion as the moment really sunk in. They were getting married! On top of a mountain! We can’t brag enough on this elopement, or this spot. To plan your elopement with us, click here to inquire!

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves!