Best Places to Elope In Washington State

A lot of people ask us, “why should we elope in Washington State?” or “What are the best places to elope in Washington?”

When thinking of an adventurous elopement location, what comes to mind? Rocky, moody beaches? Roaring waterfalls? Epic mountain hikes? Ancient rainforests? What if we told you, you can find all those options in one state. Well, you can! Washington is one of the best places to elope!

Washington state offers all the adventurous elopement options you can think of. America’s hidden gem, the Pacific Northwest is a mysterious and romantic corner of the country that not enough of us are talking about!

Couples who elope in Washington state have endless options when it comes to location, style, and activity levels. From romantic pull-offs right off the side of the road to overnight hikes to epic mountain views, Washington State has it all.

Our Favorite Places to Elope in Washington State

  1. Mount Rainier National Park
  2. North Cascades National Park
  3. Mount Baker
  4. Olympic National Park
  5. Snoqualmie Pass

How to Elope in Washington State

Now that you have a list of epic places to elope in Washington State, we have to discuss how to elope here. Washington is our home, and we love to share not only all these gorgeous places with our couples who book us, but we also love to guide couples on the best way to plan their elopement.

Best places to elope in Washington, Lake Diablo

When to Elope in Washington

After you pick your favorite Washington location, then you should focus on when you want to elope. We personally love Washington, year-round.

The busiest months to visit Washington tend to be July and August. However, if you really want to elope during these months, we can totally plan a weekday, sunrise, or sunset ceremony.

Trust us, we can make something work!

Let’s Make it Official

If you’re sold on tying the knot in beautiful Washington State, then you should make sure to make it official. To apply for a valid marriage license in Washington, apply in the county you wish to elope in.

Once you have submitted your license and paid your fee ($57-$67), then you have 60 days to have an elopement ceremony. If you’re applying to your license last minute, then keep in mind Washington state has a three-day waiting period to get married.

Washington State elopements also require officiants! You have multiple options here including licensed members of the clergy, justices of the supreme court, judges, and superior court commissioners. If you don’t have a preferred officiant, then we can refer one to you!

We are Here for You

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, then we suggest giving us a call! We have captured elopements for more than 10 years, so we are more than happy not only to guide you in the right direction, but we can also help you find the rest of your elopement vendors (we know some pretty cool people)!

Whatcha waiting for? Let’s start planning your amazing Washington elopement!

Check out our Washington Elopement Packages to learn what we include!

eloping in Washington State, what you need to know. Photographer guide.

Tips For Eloping In Washington State

Check the Weather

Adventurous elopements can be tough to plan in a state with pretty unpredictable weather. Our best advice is to be prepared for anything, and don’t get discouraged. A rainy day can come out of nowhere, and depending on your elevation, so can snow, or just chilly temperatures.

Be prepared with footwear and umbrellas, and don’t let a little bad weather keep you too far from your plans. If it’s a big concern, plan for a backup location, or, just go for it! Eloping in Washington is beautiful even in ugly weather, and you have no idea when it can change. Just make sure you’re staying safe!

Check for Permits

If you are eloping or having an intimate wedding in a national park or state park in Washington State, a lot of them require permits. And trust us, they will stop you.

Make sure you’re following their permit requirements and looking up if there are designated spots for certain size weddings. Again, we have some experience with this, and we would love to be your perfect resource!

Stay on the Trail

This is a BIG one. Over the past few years, park employees have gotten more strict about making sure people are staying on the trails. Since the parks have gotten more crowded over the years, and wildlife is more sensitive, it’s important that we help protect these parks by staying where humans are supposed to be.

It’s the least we can do to keep these parks preserved and beautiful. We strongly encourage you to follow LNT best practices (leave no trace).

Plan Around Sunset or Sunrise

This is one we recommend for all couples planning any wedding, but the position of the sun has a big impact on your photos. We always recommend that couples try to plan out their elopements based on when the sun is rising or setting, for ideal photo goodness. If hiking is involved, be prepared with headlamps so you can see where you’re going.

best places to elope in Washington State for couples planning elopement.

Best Places to Elope in Washington State

Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National park is Seattle’s crowned jewel and makes for the perfect place to elope in Washington State. A towering, 14,000 foot tall, active volcano, Mount Rainier is the icon of Seattle and surrounding areas.

Mount Rainier National Park is also 369 square miles, surrounded by mountain towns with cozy a-frame cabins. Hence, this is the perfect mountain elopement getaway. The highest road in the park is Sunrise, which opens from mid-June until early October, making summer the best time for a Mount Rainier elopement. When starting to plan for your Washington State elopement, be sure to check out the National Park’s website for specific rules and permits.

Some of our favorite elopement spots include

  • Paradise. Looking for gorgeous views surrounding wildflowers? Then this place is for you. Paradise is located at an elevation of 5,400 feet, so expect some steeper sections on the trails. We love these meadows for both portraits and elopement ceremonies.
  • Sunrise. This is our favorite spot to admire 360-degree views of Mount Rainier, and it’s surroundings. Sunrise is also the highest point that you can get to by vehicle.
  • Tipsoo Lake. If you’re looking for a boho-inspired elopement, then Tipsoo Lake is the spot! The wildflowers bloom during July and August, but we also love elopements during the Fall here too!

Where to Stay for Mount Rainier Elopement

If you’re eloping in Washing State, and you’re also looking for somewhere to stay close to Mount Rainier, then we suggest staying in these areas:

  • Ashford
  • Packwood
Wedding photos at mount rainier one of the best places to elope in washington state

North Cascades National Park

If you are looking for a true mountain elopement in Washington State, then North Cascades National Park is the place for you. A lot of couples looking to elope in Washington state gravitate toward this park. The North Cascades are also known as the sea of peaks, because the mountain range from a high up view, resembles a tumultuous ocean.

We love this park for a Washington elopement because there are also endless options for couples of all elopement sizes, activity levels, and styles. The park is free to get in and most locations are dog-friendly, but you still need to get in contact with them about wedding permits.

Just a Few Amazing North Cascades Elopement Spots

  • Diablo Lake. This spot is gorgeous! If you plan your elopement here, then you’ll have the turquoise lake and mountain peaks as your backdrop.
  • Washington Pass. The views you’ll get at this location is amazing. We love this accessible pass located on State Route 20.
  • Cascade Pass Area. Do you want to feel on top of the world? Then this 5,392-foot mountain pass will certainly do the trick.

These are just a few spots the North Cascades offer, among so many others. This makes North Cascades one of the best places for eloping in Washington State.

Where to Stay for a North Cascades Elopement

If you’re eloping in North Cascades, and you’re also looking for somewhere to stay, then we suggest staying in these areas:

  • Deming
  • Marblemount

Mount Baker

Mount Baker is in the northern part of Washington, bordering Canada and perfect for the super adventurous couples looking to elope in Washington. It’s the most visited national forest in the country, and so full of adventurous hiking trails that lead to epic views. Stay in one of the little mountain towns, in an A-frame Airbnb, and gear up for the most spectacular mountain elopement ever. Again, it is a good idea to look through this park’s website to check out permits and regulations.

Check out These Amazing Mount Baker Elopements!

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park sits on the far western side of Washington, and it is HUGE. So many options await you in this park, whether you’re looking for those beautiful evergreens, or a gorgeous mountain-scape, you’re going to be overwhelmed with places to choose from.

Its diverse landscape and endless options make Olympic National Park one of the best places to elope in Washington. Check out their site as well for permit information!

Just a few Awesome Spots for Olympic National Park Elopements:

  • La Push Beach. Calling all surfers and adventurers! La Push Beach is not only epic, but it’s almost awesome to explore and have a beautiful beach elopement.
  • Hurricane Ridge. This is probably the most accessible mountain area within the park. This is perfect for intimate elopements including family members.
  • Hoh Rainforest. This is probably one of our favorite locations. If you’re looking for an amazing place in Washington State to have a rainy and whimsical elopement, then this is it! This spot also have a campground, open year-round, if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Where to Stay for an Olympic National Park Elopement:

If you’re eloping in Washington State, and you’re also looking for somewhere to stay close to Olympic National Park, then we suggest staying in these areas:

  • Forks
  • Port Angeles
olympic national park elopement photo of bride and groom after getting married

Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie is located just about 45 minutes outside Seattle, making it the perfect place to elope in Washington if you’re wanting to stay in the city! We love this area for its accessibility and its endless options for an elopement. It’s home to the world-famous, Snoqualmie falls, Rattlesnake ledge, and more. The options for people eloping in Washington State are endless.

Just a few awesome spots to elope in Snoqualmie

  • Gold Creek Pond
  • Rattlesnake Ledge

Where to stay for a Snoqualmie elopement

Eloping in Washing State? Looking for somewhere to stay near Snoqualmie? Then we suggest staying in these areas:

  • Snoqualmie
  • Issaquah
  • Cle Elum
bridal portraits at gold creek pond snoqualmie pass area


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