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Planning your elopement and struggling to find the perfect elopement dress? There are hundreds of thousands of options out there, and those options can get overwhelming. There is so much to consider when finding the perfect elopement dress to wear on your wedding day.

Should you wear something flowy? Is it ok to wear a sexy wedding dress during your elopement? What fabric is the best for elopements?

Since you’re planning an epic elopement, you need a wedding dress that will match your special day. We love elopement dresses because you have the freedom to wear whatever you want on your wedding day. Just like elopements, there are no rules when it comes to elopement dress shopping. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to get an amazing elopement dress.

Boho Wedding Dresses

Boho wedding dresses, especially lace ones, are some of our favorite options for elopement dresses. These types of elopement dresses are super versatile and can be anything from flowy, lacy, modern, or vintage.

The diversity of the bohemian look makes it popular, and so easy to do while staying true to yourself. Shopping for a unique elopement dress can be an overwhelming process. Especially if you’re looking for something that no one else has, and something that doesn’t take up your whole elopement budget.

Boho dresses are also known for their lightweight and flowy nature, perfect for adventure elopements together. This list should be helpful in finding your perfect boho wedding dress for your elopement.

Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace is the epitome of a bohemian, free-spirited, wild child. Running barefoot on a beach? Climbing down to a waterfall? This is the shop for you. They have everything from off-shoulder, spaghetti strap, sexy, modest, and more. But they all have one thing in common; the Holy Grail of wedding and elopement dresses, lace!

Dreamers and Lovers

Bohemian is the center of the Dreamers and Lovers brand. We love this brand because it’s affordable, trendy, and every dress is made with love. You can order these dresses for an at-home “try on” if you can’t decide on one. You can also visit their shop in California for your own personal consultation. These dresses are made for getting dirty and exploring during your adventurous elopement.

Wear Your Love XO

This elopement dress shop sells solely on Etsy, which is the pinnacle of unique and bohemian wedding planning. Wear Your Love XO has a beautiful selection of handmade, lacy elopement dresses. And the best part? They’re affordable and well made. They have a selection of modest, sexy, and flowy dresses, all under $2,000.

All Who Wander (Essence of Australia)

All Who Wander is a line by Essence of Australia. We love this line because it’s the epitome of a high-end bohemian look. If you’re planing the perfect elopement, and your dress is the most important part, go for one of the Essense of Australia elopement dresses for a designer flare. Being a new line, you’ll be able to shop the newest boho styles of the season. 

best elopement dresses all who wander

Rue De Seine

Rue De Seine is where you want to go for a unique elopement dress. Are you a free thinker, with a wild child attitude? Do you hate the idea of being confined to a traditional dress for your elopement? Then your jaw will hit the floor with these Rue De Seine elopement dresses.


Romantic Wedding Dresses

Elopement planning is not an easy task. Finding a location, the perfect bouquet, who do you invite, if anyone? Most importantly, finding the perfect, romantic wedding dress. With so many options out there, where do you turn, and who do you trust to provide you with your dream wedding dress?!


BHLDN is Anthropologie’s wedding line, and it’s to die for. Their dresses are flowy, stunning, and so romantic. They’re the perfect simple elopement dresses for a great price. They sell online, and have everything from lace, to tulle, to two-piece wedding dresses. We love this shop because the dresses are the perfect combination of romantic and simple for your elopement.


Another Etsy shop for the win here! RenzRags is mostly used for Bridesmaids dresses, but they do have a small collection of romantic and simple wedding dresses. They’re handmade, and they are also good at customizing and perfecting the romantic wedding dress that is so uniquely you.


If classy, elegant, and romantic is what you’re looking for in your elopement dress, then Reformation is for you. Their elopement dresses are modern, simple, romantic, and so beautiful. If you’re looking for an elegant and totally designer look, then these dresses are awaiting you!


Lulus is a great online shop for keeping up with all the trends. However, recently they’ve jumped into the bridal game and we’re here for it! It started with some simple bridesmaid dresses and has morphed into the perfect place for simple, romantic elopement dresses.


Simple Wedding Dresses

We all know elopement dress shopping is tough. You’ve already gone off the beaten path to do something unique. So why would you pick a dress that anyone would wear?! You need a dress that’s just for you. A lot of elopement brides go for simple wedding dresses. Understated, classy, trendy, and not afraid to get dirt on the bottom. A simple wedding dress is great for an epic mountain elopement or trekking down to a waterfall, or getting married in your favorite botanical garden or city rooftop. Here is a list of our favorite simple wedding dresses, that won’t break the bank.


Reformation is a great, trendy shop, carrying a small collection of sleek and simple wedding dresses. They have everything from short, floral, lace, silk, and more, featured in their shop. These dresses are perfect for a courthouse wedding, or a wedding in your favorite coffee shop! Our favorite simple wedding dress in their shop is the Gatsby Dress.


Asos is another awesome, trendy shop with a small collection of bridal wear. We love this shop for its quality, and while the wedding dresses are simple, they are gorgeous and have unique touches. These dresses are great for a barefoot, beach wedding, or something outdoors and simple. We love the Satin Paneled Wedding dress with a fishtail!


Have you noticed that we love this shop yet? BHLDN is such a versatile place to shop for your wedding dress, it has every style you can think of, but the best part is that they are all trendy, and modern. They have a collection of modern wedding dresses and a courthouse wedding dress. Both categories are great places to look for your simple wedding dress. Our favorite simple dress in their shop is the Eddie K Beloved Gown.

Maternity Wedding Dresses

Hey! You’re pregnant! And you’re tying the knot! We know as well as anyone how hard it is to find the perfect maternity clothes, and a wedding dress is a whole other thing. So we made a list of our favorite places to find perfect maternity wedding dresses, that compliment that beautiful baby bump. Our best advice, get creative and look in unlikely places, you’ll be surprised what you can find!

Tiffany Rose

Tiffany Rose is an online dress boutique selling some of the cutest, and some beautiful maternity dresses. Whether you’re looking for lace, short, long, romantic, boho, you’ll find it here. The dresses are of great quality, and perfect for any budget. My favorite dress in their collection is the adorable Silvia Polka Dot dress.

J and L Designs Boutique

J and L Designs Boutique is an Etsy shop with a collection of stunning maternity wedding dresses. I’m in love with the unique, boho vibes of this shop. J and L are perfect for that carefree, boho mama, ready to say her I dos. Our favorite dress in their shop is their Lace Boho Maternity Dress.

Flutter Dresses

Flutter Dresses is, you guessed it, another Etsy shop! These bohemian, flowy dresses are another great option for the carefree, wild child, boho bride, and they are perfect maternity wedding dresses. They’re comfortable, unique, and absolutely stunning. The owner of the shop has you make a deposit and hand creates every dress in her shop, so you can customize, and you know you’re getting something one of a kind. Our favorite, for the bride-to-be who loves a pop of color, is the Spice Dress.

Pink Blush

Pink Blush is another online boutique, carrying trendy, and comfy maternity clothes and accessories. They have a collection of white dresses ranging from casual to formal, which are perfect for that baby bump. Whether you’re looking for something bohemian, trendy, modern, or vintage, you can find it here. This is a great, trustworthy shop that knows exactly what pregnant women want to wear. Our favorite dress is the white mesh overlay maternity wedding dress.


Short Wedding Dresses

Long gowns aren’t for you? Want to throw out the idea of tradition altogether and show off those legs? Why not go for a short wedding dress for your adventurous or courthouse elopement?! 


Lulus is the perfect, affordable, wedding dress shop. It’s also the perfect place to get a romantic and simple wedding dress. You can find your perfect style at this shop whether you’re looking for short, sexy, or romantic, on a budget!


BHLDN here again because they are just so talented and chic. They have an entire section on their website for short wedding dresses that are elegant, chic, and affordable. We love them so much for the chic, stylish bride. If you’re looking to show off those legs, then BHLDN has the perfect tea-length dresses for you.

Two-Piece Wedding Dress

Two-piece wedding dresses are the wave of the future. They are a great way to customize your own wedding dress.

Lace and Liberty

Lace and Liberty has an amazing selection of elegant, romantic, and unique two-piece wedding dresses that you can get delivered right to your door. Two-piece wedding dresses are the wave of the future. They are a great way to customize your own wedding dress. Whether you want a crop top or a bodysuit style, these elopement dress options are perfect.


Among all the options you have at the BHLDN brand, the two-piece wedding and elopement dress is one of them. They have gorgeous tulle skirts, chiffon skirts, crop tops, bodysuits, and more. They are amazing quality, free-flowing and beautiful for your dream elopement dress!

Colored Wedding Dresses

Now we get into what so many brides have the hardest time finding: the perfect colored wedding dress. Are you ready to throw out EVERYTHING about a traditional experience? Then go completely out of the box with a colored wedding dress.

Red Wedding Dresses


We’re throwing RenzRags in here again because, as we mentioned before, everything in this online shop is custom made. You can have everything you want, custom made with the most loving hands. They have a beautiful collection of maroon dresses in any material from Velvet, to lace to tulle to chiffon. You can order swatches for cheap to see what material and what shade is perfect for you.


Lulus here again for the perfect, affordable elopement dresses. They have a whole collection of red dresses from burgundy to cardinal, all of them are sexy, chic and the perfect price. This is a great place to shop for your red wedding dress.

Champagne Wedding Dresses


Azazie is a great place for bridesmaids dresses. They have so many colors and so many options for styles, but now they have a section of wedding dresses, and they have a bunch of options for champagne wedding dresses. If you want to go a little traditional with a bit of a flare, a champagne wedding dress is a great way to go. It gives the dress a textured look and looks amazing in photos.


Have you guys noticed that we’re a bit obsessed with BHLDN? Well, who isn’t?! BHLDN is the perfect shop for unique, elopement brides. They have a great collection of champagne wedding dresses for your elopement. Some are lace, some sequined, beaded metallic. Completely stand out with a BHLDN champagne wedding dress!

Pink Wedding Dresses

Mila Bridal

Mila Bridal is another Etsy shop with a great reputation for being made with love and extreme detail. They have a collection of beautiful wedding dresses and our favorite is their bubble gum pink wedding dresses! Most of them are beautiful pale pink skirts with a lacy, top, and tulle tulle tulle! Think about how great these pink wedding dresses will look in your elopement photos!


Blush Fashion is… you guessed it… another Etsy shop! They have an array of elopement dresses, from simple to elegant, and they have a small collection of blush and pink wedding dresses. They are affordable, well made, and breathtaking.

Black Wedding Dresses

Lace Marry

Lace Marry is another Etsy shop to find that perfect black wedding dress for the edgy bride. Their dresses are tulle, and dramatic, as they should be! Stand out with one of their elegant, black wedding dresses!


RenzRags here again with some beautiful, elegant, black wedding dresses. They seriously make dresses in every color, and every material you can think of. From velvet to tulle, to chiffon. If you’re looking for a simple, understated black wedding dress, then this is the shop for you.


Floral Wedding Dresses

Rue De Seine

Rue De Seine has the most unique wedding dresses you’ll ever see. Every collection has trendy floral options for the unique, out of the box thinkers!


Lulus is known for its elegant and fun collection of maxi dresses, especially its collection of floral wedding dresses. Are you looking for a floral pattern in a free-flowing dress? Lulus has so many floral options for your elopement needs!

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