September 26, 2020

Emily and Kirk

Are you guys ready for the chillest elopement vibes?

Emily and Kirk decided to elope in the snowy back country of Washington. Neither one of them wanted a big wedding, they just wanted an intimate way to share their love with their closest friends and family.

These adventurous folks wanted nothing traditional, nothing “by the books”, and everything all about them! They got “ready” in their adorable a-frame cabin in the woods. Emily and Kirk wore their coziest ski outfits. Emily made her bouquet from dried flowers from Pike Place Market in Seattle. And everyone wore smiles that hurt by the end of the day.

They hiked up to their snow-packed ceremony spot, and all their guests gathered around. They had the unique idea to have everyone participate in their ceremony, each person spending two minutes to talk about what marriage and love meant to them. Such a great idea!

They skied down, tumbling the whole way, and laughing until they had stitches in their sides. Then came our favorite part: an entire elopement budget dedicated to fancy cheese, coffee and booze! They spent the evening swapping stories and laughing with loved ones.

It was an adventure elopement in its truest form.