What to Wear for you Engagement Photos

Wondering what to wear for your engagement photos?

As your photographers, we get this question a lot. And to be honest, we don’t have one single answer for you. There are a number of factors to consider when picking out your outfit for your engagement photos: The scenery, the time of day, what’s going to reflect your styles and personalities, etc.

This list will hopefully help you narrow down an outfit to help you get the most out your engagement photos!

Mountain Background

When the background is grays blues and a little green, there are a lot of ways to go. Those epic mountains tend to be textured, and so busy, that we recommend solid colors and minimal patterns. Neutrals are good, but you don’t want to be totally swallowed by your background. One way you can go is nice rich colors, that are a little darker: royal blues, navy blue, burgundy, even mustard or brick. Stay away from pastels, your goal isn’t to clash with the colors of the mountains, it’s to off set with a rich color.


You have a lot of options with beach backgrounds as well. I recommend rich colors here as well, but stay away from light colors and neutrals. White sandy beaches and gorgeous blue oceans tend to be light in photos and neutral colors can somewhat “grey out” the photo. But with rich colors, that pop of color can stand out great against the ocean. Don’t be too afraid of patterns here. We never recommend a crazy pattern for photos, but something simple doesn’t hurt here. Just make sure you’re not both in patterns.


Forests are all shades of green. Depending on the type of trees, lighting, etc. trees can show up yellow-green, blue-green, and dark, deep evergreens. So, here is where you whip out the neutrals, and earthy tones. Depending on the type of greenery around you, mustards, burnt oranges, and bricks are great in forest locations as well. Tans, and browns are great, but stay away from the big busy patterns.

Cities and Downtowns

Lot’s of options with downtown spaces, depending on the vibe of the place. Downtown Seattle boast lot’s blues, and grays, with green trees trickled in. Warm colors for cities like Seattle, or Chicago, would look best. Even as you venture by the water, warm mustards, burgundies, and some orange tones look amazing against a this kind of skyline. Cities with lot’s of brick and older buildings, like Boston, and Savannah, are well complimented by cool tones, blues and grays. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns in your city photos, showing off your style.


Accessories are a great way to show off your style in your photos. Scarves, hats, and cover-ups are always great. Try not to choose hats that have bills that cast shadows on your face. Your glasses may be cute, but can create a glare, or reflection against light.

How to wear patterns for your photos

Patterns are great, don’t get us wrong! But you have to choose wisely. Plaids are great, but no two plaids should ever be in the same photo. Those gorgeous floral maxi dresses are awesome! But your partner needs to wear a solid color. Stripes are even okay sometimes, but only thick stripes, and nothing too bright.

Scroll for some great outfit examples for your engagement photos!