Top 10 Seattle Wedding Venues

Our Favorite Seattle Wedding Venues

We’ve been at this for a long time. And I mean and LONG time! We’ve seen our fair share of PNW wedding venues. From rustic barns with moody wooded backdrops, to urban warehouses with cityscape in towering in the background. We’ve seen it all! We also know how hard it is to sift through the hundreds of Seattle wedding venues to find your perfect fit. So we’ve put together a list of our favorite Seattle wedding venues, to hopefully narrow down that process! We’ve chosen our favorite venues based on location, customer service, and of course, the most beautiful ones to photograph!


No. 1 – Trinity Tree Farm

couple at one of the best seattle wedding venues trinity tree farm

Trinity Tree Farm is a little outside Seattle, in a beautiful mountain town called Issaquah. It is a gorgeous Christmas tree farm with everything from tiny saplings to towering Christmas trees. The venue has two options to choose from: One is a trendy white barn with floor to ceiling windows. It’s the perfect option for a bright and airy summer wedding. It has two rooms, the bridal suite and the grooms room both get great light and are the perfect hang out spots for the bridal parties.

The second option is a rustic wood barn. It is the perfect option for a moody fall or even winter wedding. The barn sports floor to ceiling windows as well, but with a wood barn look, making it dark an moody. I personally love photographing weddings inside this barn, with rain drizzling on the windows. Both options have access to the grounds, including the Christmas trees, the adorable bridge, and vast mountain views. Trinity tree farm is definitely one of our favorite Seattle wedding venues

We have put together an in-depth write up about Trinity Tree Farm. If you are looking for Seattle wedding venues and are interested in Trinity Tree Farm, check it out HERE.


No. 2 – Axis Pioneer Square

ceremony at axis pioneer square one of the best seattle wedding venues

Axis Pioneer Square is the perfect option for all the urban lovers. Dark and moody lighting, exposed brick and right in the heart of downtown, this venue is perfect for those looking for that perfect, authentic Seattle look. Greenery looks great in this venue, popping perfectly against the exposed brick, and the options for trendy decor lovers are endless. This is a great venue for all wedding sizes because it has a way of making even the largest weddings feel intimate. It’s got great bones and acts as a blank slate for all those ideas you’re dying to try. This particular couple lit up the space with candles, giving the room a romantic, and warm vibe.

Check out our work from Axis Pioneer Square

Axis Pioneer Square – Meghan & Kash


No. 3 – Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Best Seattle Weddings Venues Alderbrook resort and spa

Alderbrook Resort and Spa is PNW dreaming with a touch of luxury. It’s perfect for all weddings, big and small. It is a beautiful lodge right on the water, surrounded by the beautiful Olympic National Park. I love this venue because it is so Washington, and so intimate. Wood accents, a perfectly curated lawn, lush green forest, and vast mountain views, this venue offers everything. We also love that it brings everyone you love together, for a perfect PNW experience. The luxury but very adventurous spirit of this venue is what makes it one of our favorite seattle wedding venues.

Our work from Alderbrook Resort & Spa

Moody Alderbrook Wedding – Katie & Matt


No. 4 – Faberfarm

seattle wedding venues faberfarm setup for wedding

Faberfarm is a dream PNW wedding venue! a big white barn with wood accents, earthy tones, and elegance all wrapped into one venue! It has indoor, and outdoor options for rain. And it has no shortage of beautiful spots for photos: fields of tall grass, lush gardens, and never a bad spot to catch a sunset.


No. 5 – Islandwood 

wedding portraits at best seattle wedding venues islandwood bainbridge island

Islandwood is the perfect, PNW rustic wedding venue. It’s only a quick ferry ride from Seattle and it is 250 acres of dreamy PNW perfection. Have your first look at the suspension bridge, or under a canopy of gorgeous trees. Have the ceremony on the lawn or in the gorgeous wood barn if it’s raining.  They have accommodations for all your guests, for a magical wedding weekend, and romantic options for bride and groom. And the best part! Islandwood is a facility dedicated to environmental education, so having your wedding here is just a little contribution to making the world a much better place. This and so much more makes Islandwood one of our favorite Seattle wedding venue.


No. 6 – The Cattle Barn

bride and groom walking down aisle at one of the best seattle wedding venues the cattle barn

The Cattle Barn is rustic meets adventure all wrapped into one gorgeous wedding venue. Just a little outside Seattle, in Cle Elum, the photo possibilities are endless. We love this venue for everyone looking for a rustic, Washington vibe. The lawn is the perfect ceremony location, with those mountain views and gorgeous lighting. They owners are wonderful, so accommodating and dedicated to making the wedding planning process easy, stress-free, and most importantly, fun!

Our work from this venue

Megan & Ronnie


No. 7 – Chateau Lill 

photo of bride and groom at chateau Lil

Looking to incorporate Washington wine country into your wedding? Look no further than Chateau Lil! Just a couple blocks away from the very popular Chateau Ste. Michelle, Chateau Lil is a hidden gem in the heart of Woodinville, Washington. This venue is perfect for wine lovers, and those looking to add a chic, Tuscan flair to their wedding day. The owners are fantastic and passionate, dedicated to making everyone who walks through their door happy. This elegant venue is the perfect place for all you wine lovers out there!


No. 8 – Pine Creek Farms & Nursery

bride and groom greenhouse portraits at pine creek farms and nursery

Another rustic, Washington venue for you, this one with a garden party twist. Pine Creek Farms and Nursery is the perfect venue for all those out there who (like me) grew up watching the Secret Garden. I love this venue for it’s romantic atmosphere and intimacy, and also, how dang photogenic it is! The photo spot possibilities are endless! We also love the owners of this venue, if you are looking for a seamless wedding process (you, the kind where you don’t lose sleep or have stress dreams) then look no further! Located a little outside Seattle, in Monroe, Washington, Pine Creek Farms & Nursery is one of our favorite Seattle wedding venues.


No. 9 – The Kelley Farm

best seattle wedding venues the kelley farm wedding

The Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington is another rustic meets elegant wedding venue. We love shooting at this venue because it’s easy to get around, and so dang pretty. It’s the perfect venue for catching a famous Washington sunset and is so great for weddings of all sizes. Between the garden, the barn, and even the bridal cabin, this venue is photogenic from all angles, all the time!


No. 10 – The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge

Best seattle wedding venues the club at snoqualmie ridge

If you are looking for modern elegance with mountain vibes, look no further than The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge. They have indoor and outdoor space, for peace of mind for every couple worried about that famous Washington rain. And they provide a wonderful coordinator who makes sure your day goes seamlessly. They provide catering as well at a reasonable rate, and it is delicious! Every angle of this venue is photogenic, and every couple that hires them walks away so happy! Snoqualmie is only about an hour outside of Seattle, surrounded by mountains. It is truly one of our favorite Seattle wedding venues.


Summary: 10 Best Seattle Wedding Venues

We have photographed weddings all over Washington, from rustic barns to elegant chateaus, we have made our way all over the state. So we hope this list of our favorite Seattle wedding venues has helped inspire couples and narrow down all the choices this gorgeous state has to offer. View our work to see full galleries of weddings we’ve shot and see for yourself, just how awesome these venues are!

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