Courthouse Elopement In Downtown Seattle Washington | Taylor & David

From the very first email Taylor and David sent, we were SUPER excited for this wedding. It looked a little like this “Hey Nick and Danée, we are planning on going to the courthouse in Seattle and eloping. We then want to do a 12 mile hike in the North Cascades up to Cascade Pass and on to the Sahale arm for post wedding photos.” Little did they know, they just described something we only dream about as adventurous photographers.

Here are some of our favorite photos from their intimate courthouse elopement. It was just the 2 of them, and the 2 of us (Nick and Danée). We even got to be the witnesses of their marriage. How cool is that? We can’t wait to share the next set of images from the hike in the North Cascades! Stay tuned. Taylor and David, stay awesome ;). 


Absolutely beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

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