Mindy and Andrew’s wedding at BayArts in Bay Village Ohio

BayArts: Super dooper awesome venue located in Bay Village, Ohio. We are pretty sure that is the exact webster definition of this place! From the second we arrived for Mindy and Andrew’s wedding, we were absolutely in love with the venue. From the history of the house to the awesome, chill, outdoor setting, it all ROCKED! So now you know the venue was super legit. We’ll take that legitness and multiply it by 3429865, and that’s how awesome Mindy and Andrew are. The entire day was super laid back and many many laughs were shared by all (mostly because of the 80 year old wedding crasher lol.. yes, he had to get kicked out after helping himself to some cookies and a few cups of coffee). We did make a short trip to Ohio City to take some portraits at Market Garden Brewery where Andrew is the executive chef. Made for some cool photos and a good time to relax and have a few beverages. Overall, a perfect day spent with this couple and their friends and family. Best part of the whole day is a quote from Mindy at the end of the night, “I just really want to be friends with you guys in real life”. Well Mindy, you have our contact info… Lets make it happen :). Congrats to Mindy and Andrew! Thanks so much for allowing us to be part of your wedding day. Cheers!