Trendy Diablo Lake Elopement

groom feeding bride pizza after diablo lake elopement
bride and groom kissing while eating pizza

If we had to describe this Diablo Lake Elopement in a couple of words, they would be “Instagram Worthy”!! We just LOVED all of the special unique touches that Wendy and Mitch added to their elopements. Everything from getting ready together, hiking to their ceremony spot together that overlooked the iconic Diablo Lake. Then sharing a beer, champagne, and PIZZA together immediately following their ceremony. That was the cliff notes, now on to the full story.

Gif Video

One of our favorite new products we offer is our GIF Videos. What is a GIF Video you ask? Well, a GIF is an animated image. We take this to the next level and create 30-50 GIF’s and put them together into a couple of minute videos. We are so so happy Wendy and Mitch added a GIF Video onto their Diablo Lake elopement package. 

Getting Ready

Wendy and Mitch got ready for their Diablo Lake elopement at a nearby campsite. How cool is that? They were all about skipping traditions and being unique for their elopement. The couple started off getting ready separate, at the same campsite and then helped each other finish getting ready. There is something very special about a bride and groom helping each other get ready. More people need to start their wedding off this way!

bride getting ready at campsite
bride getting dressed at campsite
groom getting ready at North Cascades campsite
groom getting ready at campsite
groom putting on bolo tie
bride and groom getting ready together at campsite
bride helping groom get ready at their campsite
bride putting on grooms bolo tie
bride putting on hiking boots at campsite
bride putting on earrings at campsite

Portraits Before Their Vows

After Wendy and Mitch were ready, we started with some portraits of the two of them. We roamed around their campsite and found a beautiful location near the water with mountain views. Followed by a short drive up to the Diablo Lake overlook for a few more photos. 

bride and groom together at diablo lake
bride and groom portrait with beautiful flowers
bride and groom before their diablo lake elopement
groom whispering into brides ear at diablo lake washington
bride and groom at Diablo Lake Lookout
groom kissing bride on the shoulder
bride and groom together at Diablo Lake Elopement
Diablo Lake overlook lookout
bride and groom wearing sunglasses at diablo lake
groom sweeping bride offer feet
bride and groom sharing a quiet moment at diablo lake
epic view of bride and groom at diablo lake overlook

Hiking to their ceremony Location

Diablo Lake Elopement – Ceremony

Every time we have been to Diablo lake the wind has been wild. This day turned out to be the same. Wendy and Mitch walked down the aisle together to the perfect spot overlooking the lake.  Their ceremony was short, sweet, and emotional. One thing we love almost as much as photography is witnessing these elopements. We are so thankful we get to be such a huge part of our client’s big day.

Celebrating with Champagne, Beer, and PIZZA!

Wendy and Mitch had a few important things planned immediately following their ceremony. They hiked up the mountain with a box of pizza so they were able to enjoy it post-nuptials. They also brought some of their favorite beers and a nice bottle of champagne. This might sound a little weird, but we loved watching Wendy and Mitch feed each other pizza to celebrate their marriage.

Secluded First Dance Back At the Campsite

Wendy and Mitch shared an impromptu first dance on the shore of the lake as the sun went down. A perfect way to wrap up their Diablo Lake Elopement.

What we loved about this location

If you are looking for a place to elope in the North Cascades this Diablo Lake elopement location might be a high contender. Within close proximity you have amazing places to camp and epic mountain views. Diablo Lake provides good views with very little effort since you can drive right up to the parking lot. This area also has a lot of amazing trails nearby to explore. While it’s quite a ways from the city, it’s worth it once you get out there. This is somewhere that is hard to say goodbye to. 

We are striving to become experts in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. That being said, we LOVE helping our clients plan their elopement starting with the perfect location. If you are engaged and planning your perfect adventure, the best thing to do is reach out through our contact form so we can get started. 

If you loved this Diablo Lake elopement, be sure to check out this vow renewal shot by our associate photographer, Lexi. 


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