Smith Rock State Park Elopement

If you guys are ready for some other-worldly elopement photos, then you NEED to check out this Smith Rock State park elopement!

The Oregon Desert

Smith Rock State Park is settled in Central Oregon’s high desert, and is only a few minutes outside of Bend, the quaintest little town you’ve ever seen. Smith Rock is known for its towering basalt rocks which are perfect for sport climbing. It hosts campgrounds, hiking trails, and all kinds of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. A Smith Rock State Park elopement will give you that gorgeous desert child vibe, without the crowds you may find in the deserts of Utah.

Smith Rock State Park Elopement

Julie and Dylan had a gorgeous Smith Rock State Park elopement day. She looked beautiful in her dress from Lulus (one of our favorite shops for elopement dresses). And he wore a trendy tweed vest and floral tie. They began with a first look among the red rocks in the early evening sun. When saw each other they couldn’t help but burst into giggles and goofy smiles from excitement. They embraced and prepared for an amazing elopement in the desert.

A small group of loved ones joined them. The few people they felt closest to to share this special day with them. Julie’s dad walked her down the makeshift aisle, to Dylan who took her in his arms and shook her dad’s hand. Tears welled in his eyes, giving his daughter away. The ceremony was beautiful, and very traditional. They exchanged vows, said their “I Dos” and had a dramatic kiss at the end.

It may seem strange for me to write all this. These details may seem “boring”, or obvious. However, I want readers to get a feel for how similar to a traditional wedding an elopement can look, stripped of all the bells and whistles. Julie wanted a traditional moment with her father, being walked down the aisle to her betrothed. And that classic element, among others, played a role in her non-traditional wedding.

Anyway, back to this gorgeous Smith Rock State Park elopement.

After the ceremony, they had some fun popping champagne and sharing it with their guests. And if the desert is famous for anything, it’s those gorgeous sunsets. We chased the light around this unique landscape until we had no light left to chase. Then returned to the cabin for an evening of of celebrating.

A Note about Eloping

A lot of couples ask us, when they’re planning their elopements, what they’re “allowed” to do. As if adding in traditional wedding elements will somehow dishonor weddings. The truth is, with elopements (and really for weddings too), there are no rules anymore. You can build your own adventure. Add in the traditional elements of a wedding day, if you’re afraid of missing out, or feel like it’s important for you. And take away what you don’t want. It’s up to you. Because the wedding, at the end of the day, is about you, and no one else.


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