Simple Wedding Dresses

Simple Wedding Dresses for your Elopement

Simple Wedding Dresses

We all know elopement dress shopping is tough. You’ve already gone off the beaten path to do something unique. So why would you pick a dress that anyone would wear?! You need a dress that’s just for you. A lot of elopement brides go for simple wedding dresses. Understated, classy, trendy, and not afraid to get dirt on the bottom. A simple wedding dress is great for an epic mountain elopement or trekking down to a waterfall, or getting married in your favorite botanical garden or city rooftop. Here is a list of our favorite simple wedding dresses, that won’t break the bank.


Reformation is a great, trendy shop, carrying a small collection of sleek and simple wedding dresses. They have everything from short, floral, lace, silk and more, featured in their shop. These dresses are perfect for a courthouse wedding, or a wedding in your favorite coffee shop! My favorite simple wedding dress in their shop is the Gatsby Dress.


Asos is another awesome, trendy shop with a small collection of bridal wear. We love this shop for its quality, and while the wedding dresses are simple, they are gorgeous and have unique touches. These dresses are great for a barefoot, beach wedding, or something outdoors and simple. I love the Satin Paneled Wedding dress with a fishtail!


Have you noticed that we love this shop yet? BHLDN is such a versatile place to shop for your wedding dress, it has every style you can think of, but the best part is that they are all trendy, and modern. They have a collection of modern wedding dresses and a courthouse wedding dress. Both categories are great places to look for your simple wedding dress. My favorite simple dress in their shop is the Eddie K Beloved Gown.