Short Wedding Dresses

Short Wedding dresses for your adventurous elopement!

short wedding dresses for your Seattle courthouse elopement

We all know elopement planning is no easy task, especially if you’re doing it for the right reasons! You’re throwing out the ideas of tradition to do something so completely you! However, it’s not the easiest to find resources for elopements. And whether you’re planning your wedding or your elopement, finding the perfect dress is a stressful decision to make. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite short wedding dresses for your elopement that will just scream “you”!


Lulus is a huge online boutique that sells everything you can think of from shoes to jackets, to bathing suits, and you guessed it, wedding dresses! They have a large selection of cute, lace, or modern, short wedding dresses for you to choose from. Whether you are going for a cute, romantic look, or a vintage style, you can find it all here at Lulus, online!


BHLDN is the bridal line from Anthropologie. Are you looking for a high-end short wedding dress that still doesn’t break the bank? This is the shop for you. They have a modest but gorgeous collection of “little white dresses” for your courthouse or Vegas elopement. Every one of their short wedding dresses is unique, modern and so so trendy. We love this shop for its impeccable quality, customer service, and talented designers that bring us something new and unique every season.

Jordan De Ruiter

Jordan De Ruiter is an Etsy shop selling unique formal dresses. Yes, we said Etsy. Etsy is the Holy Grail of planning that perfect wedding or elopement, and these short wedding dresses are to die for! They are mostly tulle, tutu style, with a few lace and silk ones peppered throughout. He adds an artistic flair to each dress whether it be embroidery or beading, making all his dresses jaw-dropping and amazing!

Bridal Garden Studio

Bridal Garden Studio is another thriving Etsy shop, showcasing some beautiful short wedding dresses. These dresses are sleek, modern, simple and so elegant. They are perfect for that romantic courthouse elopement, followed by dinner at a five-star restaurant, (the kind with four different kinds of spoons!) or for your backyard elopement, as the sun sets behind you. We love the quality and the talent behind this up-and-coming shop.


Reformation has a small but mighty online collection of wedding dresses, and a selection of short wedding dresses for the trendy, and modern bride. Reformation is a great company, making high-quality clothes, for brides with high fashion taste. Also, these dresses won’t break the bank! My favorite short wedding dress in their shop is the high neck, lace Caraway Dress.