Mountain Vow Renewal

Wow you guys! This North Cascades elopement style vow renewal took my breath away. Between the location, the gorgeous couple, the dress, and bouquet, everything from this day was like a dream. 

The Inquiry 

Lauren and Mark contacted me for an adventure session when I first moved to Washington. We had so much fun at Mount Rainier running around in the fog at sunset, the only ones there! We instantly clicked. Lauren, with her infectious laugh that travels across every room she’s in, and Mark with his dad jokes and gentle nature, they were like old friends. 

They have been married for five years, and Lauren herself, is a photographer. They moved out here from sunny California for Mark’s job. And while they were sad to leave all their friends and family, they were so excited for their PNW adventure. She expressed that when they got married, before she picked up her first camera, she didn’t appreciate the value of photography as much. She said that she wanted, more than anything, to have an adventurous North Cascades elopement style vow renewal, and do it right this time!   

The North Cascades

If you are looking for a true mountain elopement in Washington State, then North Cascades National Park is the place for you. A lot of couples looking to elope in Washington state gravitate toward this park. The North Cascades are also known as the sea of peaks, because the mountain range from a high up view, resembles a tumultuous ocean. We love this park for a Washington elopement because there are also endless options for couples of all elopement sizes, activity levels, and styles. The park is free to get in and most locations are dog-friendly, but you still need to get in contact with them about wedding permits.

The North Cascades Elopement style Vow Renewal

It took us a long time to settle on a North Cascades elopement style vow renewal. We were overwhelmed with endless options here in Washington. We thought about Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. We thought about going back to Mount Rainier, or La Push Beach.

We landed on the North Cascades because Lauren and Mark, after many pros and cons lists, decided it was definitely their favorite park. It is home to the Cascade Mountain Range, one of the most beautiful, and expansive mountain ranges in Washington: a sea of peaks if you will.

Lauren ordered a boho Grace Loves Lace dress, and told her florist to “get creative” with her bouquet. Her and Mark wrote out their vows in the same vow book, an environmentally  friendly notebook made from all recycled materials.

It was a windy day and they laughed through windy swept hair (and pages) as they read their vows. There’s something so special about photographing couples that have been married for a time. They’re effortless, carefree, almost fearless. They know everything about each other, they’ve run out of surprises, they have fallen, gracefully, into a routine; they are second nature to each other. 


Dress: Grace Loves Lace




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