Adventurous Moab Elopement

bride and groom walking to the edge of the cliff

Oh my goodness you guys! I have been so stoked to write about this adventurous Moab elopement. This was the first one of the season for us, and if it is any kind of preview of what our season has in store for us, then it’s going to be a good year!

The Inquiry

I met Lydia through a facebook group for brides who are planning their weddings. I answered a question she had and then we just instantly clicked like old friends. She described her adventurous relationship with Al and how important it was to her that they have a wedding the reflected just that. They’ve explored the world together, from getting lost on the Ring Road in Iceland to hiking mountains in Peru.

She already knew she wanted a desert look, and when I suggested Moab she lit up! Moab has some of the most vast and expansive landscape, a giant playground for most, with some of the most breathtaking, and private elopement spots. It was perfect for what she wanted. So we got to work planning her adventurous Moab elopement. 

The Moab Elopement

We woke up early with a rush of excitement and headed out to Under Canvas Moab for their adventurous Moab elopement. Under Canvas Moab is a huge “glamping” spot, with stunning canvas tents overlooking the vast desert landscape and the La Sal mountains. It is such a unique and peaceful way to enjoy a trip to the Moab desert. Click here to get your tent!

They got ready on a beautiful April morning, in their tent and among their loved ones. Lydia’s best friend did her makeup and helped her curl her hair. Al’s best friend helped him with his bow tie and his jacket, with a baby strapped to his belly. Everyone enjoyed a peaceful morning getting dressed, and enjoying the calming presence of the ancient red rocks and mountains surrounding us.

They did their first look outside their tent in front of the La Sal mountain range. It was so emotional I had a hard time seeing them through my viewfinder because I was constantly in tears! We started the trek out and had no idea what this desert had in store for us. Clouds covered the sky all day long and we weren’t sure if we miss out of mountain views, or worse, if we would get stuck in a downpour.

However, when we made it out to their breathtaking ceremony spot, on the edge of a cliff, the sky opened to reveal a gorgeous sunset. Lydia’s dad walked her up to her ceremony spot while Al fidgeted, nervously waiting for his bride. Al’s mom married them under a gorgeous, moody sunset and there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole desert when they were done. This adventurous Moab elopement left us all speechless. 

My favourite thing about eloping is that it’s a rare opportunity for a couple to take their wedding day, and make it solely about them and their unique relationship. None of us are the same, our relationships aren’t the same. We speak our own languages to each other, and we all love so differently.

We share in different memories, different ups and downs, and have our own inside jokes. So why should your wedding be about anything else besides just that? Find a way to make your day only about you, and about what you have been through, and what you will be in the future. You are walking into a lifetime together, so why not make your wedding day about the adventure? Because that’s what marriage is, one big adventure! 


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