Lindsey & Nate at Olympic National Park

These two were two shining balls of sunshine! Poetic, I know!

I Facetimed with Lindsey after her initial inquiry about her elopement idea. This is a call that usually takes about ten minutes, maybe fifteen. We were on the phone for nearly an hour, becoming very fast friends! She had me laughing hysterically at stories about her and Nate’s journey together, and I could not wait to meet her in person.

They wanted to marry in the Olympics, and the Pandemic made the decision to have an intimate wedding easy… something they wanted all along. We flushed out a loose plan and awaited the big day.

Here’s where the real roller coaster begins. They wanted to get married in the middle of August, when the days were long and warm, and the sunsets were golden and lasted forever. I eagerly awaited their day, knowing it would be beautiful. I woke up and walked outside with my dog two or three days before their elopement to, what looked like, the end of the world. The sky was dark, the air was thick and hard to breathe… fires. Fires were ravaging Yakima valley, burning acres of hops fields. They were raging in Snohomish County, the Olympic Peninsula, and beyond, destroying around 40,000 acres. The infamous red skies in Oregon were all over the news and social media, and the turmoil of 2020 raged on.

I didn’t reach out to Lindsey. I knew that if she wanted to change something, she would. And if she didn’t, I was on board as well. I didn’t want to discourage her either way. So I waited. The day came, and I arrived at their beautiful, mountain cabin Airbnb in Sequim. Lindsey was getting ready with her sister, best friend and mom, smiling and laughing as if nothing was getting in the way of her mountain elopement. Rain or shine, fires or no fires, pandemic or no pandemic, these two were going to have the best wedding day ever, and they did.

We drove up the winding mountain road to their ceremony, the sky began to give way, and the air became fresher. At the ceremony spot, we glimpsed the edges of mountains over haze and fog, and it was surprisingly magical. They had a lively and tearful ceremony, holding hands tightly, and laughing at their inside jokes in their vows. She wore a beautiful, off-shoulder BHLDN gown, and he wore a dark olive, tropical-lined suit. We ran around the mountain, taking photos, making each other laugh with cheesy jokes, until it became dark. It was one of my favorite elopements all summer!


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