Treehouse Point Wedding

Carlie and Jason’s Treehouse Point wedding was one for the books. It has been the single most important wedding of our career!

The Treehouse Point Wedding Inquiry

Our friend, Jarred’s brother was getting married in Washington State. We thought nothing of it. Overall, we were pretty consumed with our lives, and our business to really pay it any mind. Then, out of the blue, after we found out that our best friends were moving to Washington State, we got this inquiry. It was Carlie. She wanted us to fly out for her wedding and capture it. We were floored! Our first out of state wedding inquiry! A Treehouse Point wedding for that matter! It was a big deal.

We went back and forth and fell instantly in love with Carlie and Jason. They chose a Treehouse Point wedding because they wanted the intimacy of an elopement, but they didn’t want to be totally alone. They made the point that they had so many people in their lives that made them who they are. And without them, they wouldn’t have fallen in love in the first place. So they decided to plan an intimate wedding!

The Wedding

The wedding happened on the rainiest day of the whole year. They were attached to their date because it was their ten year dating anniversary. However, these Floridians didn’t let anything phase them! They got ready with their bridal party, laughing and joking and sharing memories. A treehouse wedding is so cool because everything around it is photogenic. They got ready in their own little treehouses. The fun began when my voodoo magic to make the rain go away didn’t work and they did their first look and all their portraits in the pouring rain. I’m sure their love was the only thing that kept them warm!

This Treehouse Wedding is so important to us for a few reasons. After photographing this wedding and seeing what an adventure it was, we changed plans for our own wedding. We flew home, had many sleepless night of discussion and decided to pack up and move to Washington.

But most importantly, and tragically, our friend Jarred, Jason’s dear brother, died suddenly a few months later. He thought about photographing the wedding himself, but because we did it, we were able to capture beautiful moments of him making memories with his brother. Because of his referral, and his faith in us to beautifully capture this wedding, he gave our lives the jumpstart it needed. In the end, the person I really have to thank for these beautiful photos, and my life as I know it, is Jarred.

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