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Barefoot, drink champagne right out of the bottle, first to jump in the water, smile until your cheeks hurt kinds of couples. I’m not just here to take your photos, I’m here to give you memories of the you that you want to remember.

I'm so freaking happy you are here!

I am a Florida native, now living in the great Pacific Northwest!

Hi I'm Lexi

I’m so freakin happy you’re here. I am a Florida native, UCF alum! I am a natural redhead, and I live up to the stereotype so watch out! I am a newlywed, and I’m married to a goofball that has been my best friend for 7 years. I’m irrationally afraid of alligators, and I am a licensed yoga instructor!

One day, my husband and I packed up what we could fit in our car, and drove to Washington to start a new life. So, I now live in the PNW with my sweet, goofball husband, my friends who became family, and my really naughty Portuguese Hunting Dog named Tasha. I may call Washington home but I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places. I fall in love with a piece of every place we travel to: the blue Adriatic on the coast of Croatia, the towering Swiss alps, the lively culture of Barcelona, and the quiet and ancient desert of Moab. This is why I decided to throw myself into a passion that taught me to find beauty in everything, and make new friends everywhere I go. I love photographing people in awesome places, I love seeing how people’s love stories just fill them up. And I love seeing each person bloom before my very eyes, and lens.

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Why should you choose me?

I have been photographing weddings for six years, but I started focusing on intimate weddings and elopements two years ago, after I planned my own wedding in September. Three scratched wedding plans and a lot of hair-pulling in, we decided to get married on a mountain pass in Colorado. Nothing about my wedding was traditional, but nothing about me is traditional, and let’s be honest, nothing about you is probably traditional either. That’s why my number one focus now, is to give the couples I work with the support to push the boundaries of wedding planning, and do whatever the Hell they want with their day.

I’m not just your photographer, I’m your calming presence when things get scary, I’m the person that picks up your dress out of the mud, and I’m the person crying behind the camera at your vows. I’m here to say YES to your crazy elopement ideas, and I’m here to tell dad jokes to make you laugh in your photos, I’m here to be your new friend, and witness to this crazy, wild ride called love.


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