December 9, 2016

Ireland Adventure Session | Laurie & Dave

Meet Laurie and Dave. They are both wedding photographers from Ireland. During our recent trip around Ireland we had the opportunity to meet up with them for lunch, then head out for a couple hours and wander around the Dingle peninsula with them. Right off the bat, we LOVED their sense of adventure! Climbing up mountains and over rocks to get to the perfect locations. Definitely not afraid to get their shoes wet lol. The first stop was a little lake nestled up on the top of a mountain that ended up having some amazing views. From there we headed up the road for a view of the sun setting. We ended up getting there a little early with plenty of time to spare before the sunset. So naturally our first instinct was to drive down the mountain to the local grocery and grab a 6 pack of beer to enjoy while we were back up at the top watching the sunset. The evening turned out perfect and we ended up getting the BEST sunset I (Nick) have ever seen in Ireland. We snapped some photos during that perfect light, then took some time to sit back and enjoy the sunset with our new friends, Laurie and Dave (while enjoying a beer hehe). Big thanks to Laurie and Dave for the location suggestions and for taking the time to make this work while we were in Ireland. We are so happy we were able to meet you guys and we for sure made some friends for life! Can’t wait to come back to Ireland and shoot more ;). 



Love this and love dingle thanks for sharing

Oh my god guys!! You two are super talented! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!