November 14, 2019

Foggy Intimate Wedding | Kara & Jack

Every time we are at Artist Point for a shoot we have gotten different weather. This foggy intimate wedding was just another example of the different types of weather you can get at this location.

First Look And Sunrise Portraits

Kara and Jack decided they wanted to have their intimate wedding at sunrise. When we arrived to meet Jack for the first look it was still quite dark. As the sun began to rise we started to see the fog all around us. While we were planning for a nice mountain sunrise, we ended up socked in the fog for most of the morning. Normally you have views of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan from this location. This just goes to show you never know what hand the weather is going to deal you.

We hiked with Jack to the location for their first look. He then changed out of his hiking shoes and got into his wedding shoes as we waited for Kara’s arrival. Bring that it was before 7 in the morning, we were up here on the mountain all alone. When we finally heard a car driving up the mountain we knew it must be Kara. Once Kara arrived we prepared for their first look. Their personalities really came out during the first look. Even though they didn’t get the sunrise they were hoping for, they were still in good spirits with huge smiles on their faces.

After the first look, we started with some portraits of the bride and groom. We had no other choice but to embrace the fog and make the best of it. That’s exactly what we did. These two were full of energy even though it was almost freezing outside up here in the mountains. As you can see in the photos, there was still snow in the ground. Which is pretty typical for this area as Mount Baker gets more annual snowfall than any other place in the world. Kara and Jack’s energetic personalities are contagious. I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason we stayed warm up there.

Groom getting ready for first look with bridegroom putting on shoes for mountaintop intimate wedding Groom waiting for bride at their north cascades intimate wedding bride driving up mountain to meet groom bride walking to groom on mountain to see groom for the first time groom smiling as bride walks up to him during first look bride and groom first look at artist point North Cascades Intimate Wedding first look bride excited to see groom for the first time on a mountain in washington artist point north cascades first look bride and groom kissing at first look foggy artist point wedding photography artist point when its foggy bride and groom holding each other in the fog bride and groom grabbing each others butts bride and groom together before North Cascades Intimate Wedding groom holding bride keeping her warm in the snowbride and groom at artist point in the fog bride and groom laughing together bride and groom walking together at Artist Point Washington groom dancing with bride on a Washington mountaintop bride and groom hiking on a mountain together artist point bride and groom looking towards mt baker bride and groom holding hands on top of a mountain Bride and groom photo in front of mount shuksan bride and groom laughing together before intimate wedding bride and groom feeling like they are on top of the world bride and groom being playful at artist point bride and groom photos at artist point with mount baker snowcapped mountains at artist point washington bride hiking with dirty dress photo of bride and bouquet at artist point

Ceremony – A Perfect North Cascades Intimate Wedding

The entire morning the clouds moved in and back out. We never got a perfectly clear moment but it was still perfect in its own way. You can almost expect days like this in the Pacific Northwest. That’s what really made this a perfect intimate wedding.

After we picked the ceremony spot, Jack and the guest got into position. Kara was positioned up the trail a little bit behind some rocks. She had both her mom and dad walk her down the aisle. This was no typical wedding aisle. Kara and her mom and dad slowly made their way over the rocks and down the trail helping each other along the way. As this intimate wedding began, the clouds opened up a little bit to reveal a partial view of one of our favorite mountains in the North Cascades; Mount Shuksan. Not everyone can say they were photobombed by a glacier during their wedding ceremony.

This was an intimate wedding and it REALLY felt like it. At some point during the ceremony, every guest had tears in their eyes. The two families came together as one. You could feel the emotion. You could feel the intimacy. After the conclusion of the ceremony, we popped open a few bottles of champagne and celebrated with everyone.

wedding guests hiking at artist point wa brides mom and dad getting ready for wedding ceremony groom waiting for bride to come down aisle at North Cascades Intimate Wedding brides mom and dad walking her down the aisle brides mom and dad hiking with bride at adventure wedding groom anxiously waiting bride to come down aisle bride walking down aisle at her North Cascades Intimate Wedding North Cascades Intimate Wedding with mount shuksan in the backgroun father of the bride handing off bride at North Cascades Intimate Wedding laughter during artist point intimate wedding dad crying as daughter gets married North Cascades Intimate Wedding ceremony at artist point North Cascades Intimate Wedding neat mount shuksan grooms parents watching groom get married brides family staying warm at outdoor wedding ceremony bride and groom holding hand during their mountain elopement wedding guests passing the rock and keeping it warm tradition bride and groom with all wedding guests at artist point bride reading groom her wedding vows grooms mom crying during sons North Cascades Intimate Weddingbride crying at her North Cascades Intimate Wedding North Cascades Intimate Wedding ceremomy bride and groom first kiss at artist point elopement bride and groom first kiss in the fog at artist point happy bride and groom at North Cascades Intimate Wedding dad very emotional after watching daughter get married pouring champagne after North Cascades Intimate Wedding North Cascades Intimate Wedding wedding guest cheers

Photographers Note:

If you are planning an adventurous intimate wedding in the mountains such as this one, Artist Point may be a really great option for you. Our clients choose this location because you can get a lot of amazing views without hiking a ton. Which makes it good for couples who have older family members. However, that associability also comes with some negatives. You will most likely not be the only ones up there. If you are dreaming of a secluded intimate wedding, this location probably isn’t for you. Additionally, because of the snow, access is limited to only the summer and early fall months.

Once you arrive at Artist Point, there are plenty of miles of trails to hike. If you are interested in getting married here but don’t have the time to go visit yourself, just shoot us an email and we will help plan everything with you. We have been up there quite a few times and are more than willing to help with planning or location scouting.

Fun Fact: Before we had even moved to Washington, we visited here and this location was one of the first places we took photos. That day was super clear with amazing views of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan. Check out Artist Point North Cascades Styled Elopement.

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