March 13, 2017

Eurotrip – Northern Italy – Lake Como & Bellagio

As some of you may know, we had an amazing opportunity to backpack around Europe for 5 weeks this past fall. Our first stop was Northern Italy. We stayed in Bellagio and explored all around the Lake Como area. If you have any questions at all about any portion of this trip, ask them at the end of the post in the comments. We had a TON of people ask us for our itinerary for this trip and while we didn’t have an exact itinerary when we went, we would be more than happy to share our experience and places we stayed and things we did along the way. 

Enjoy 🙂 

Arriving in Milan and picking up our rental car!

Of course we were super excited to be here. So naturally we pulled over to the side of the road to take photos the first time we saw something pretty hehe. This was on our way up to Bellagio from Milan. Oh yea, the roads were a little small and VERY twisty. 

After arriving at our Bed and Breakfast and getting settled in, we spent the evening checking out the area close by. 

1st full day we woke up before the sun and took a walk down to the water to enjoy the sunrise (or lack of sunrise). 

Quick coffee and pastry after sunrise. 

Roaming around Bellagio, Italy and found the perfect lunch spot. It was time for some wine too 😉 . 

Day 3 we decided to hop on a ferry and head over to Varenna and do some exploring. About half way through the day we found out about a pretty cool hike from Varenna up to Bellano. We heard the hike was about 2.5-3 hours long depending on your pace. We set out to find the trail around 3pm thinking we had plenty of time before sunset. Turns out the trail wasn’t the easiest to follow and we were running out of daylight FAST! We would have love to enjoy the pretty views along the way a little longer but we had to get to Bellano before dark (because we were in the middle of nowhere and had no clue where we were going). 

Our last day in Northern Italy we took a ferry over to Menaggio and headed up to Breglia to find the trail head for hiking Monte Grona. We spend the morning hiking up the mountain, set up camp at the summit to take a quick snooze and refuel before heading back down. If you are in the lake como area we highly recommend looking up this hike. Well worth it for the amazing views in every direction. 


So awesome!! What kind of lenses do you use the most when traveling for landscape shots?

Thanks Hannah! We typically only shoot with prime lenses. Mostly a 24mm and 35mm for the wider landscape shots. We also have a 58mm and an 85mm for portrait shots. Hope that helps 🙂

I’m so in love with this trip. Constantly living vicariously through your life. You and Danee look so happy! Beautiful work, as always <3

This is the most amazing trip I’ve probably ever seen. Such wonderful memories and experiences!

Hehe Thanks Kim. Wait till you see the rest of the trip. This was only days 1-4 of 30!

Amazing!! Every photo was so beautiful and natural, very inspiring to me. Can’t wait to see more!

These are WONDERFUL! My husband and I are going to Ireland for a few weeks this summer so this is such an inspiration! Are any of these film? Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! We were actually in Ireland the last 8 days of our trip. That blog post should be coming pretty soon :), All of these were digital.