Elegant Wedding In Snoqualmie Washington | Jenn & Martin

groom spinning bride around at club at snoqualmie ridge wedding

Jenn and Martin’s beautiful wedding in Snoqualmie Washington

Jenn and Martin! Where do I even start with these two? You know when you meet someone and you just automatically click with them? Well, that’s how we felt the minute we met them; like they were old friends. So we were giddy with excitement to be a part of their wedding in Snoqualmie Washington.

If you are looking for modern elegance with mountain vibes, look no further than The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge. They have indoor and outdoor space, for peace of mind for every couple worried about that famous Washington rain. And they provide a wonderful coordinator who makes sure your day goes seamlessly. It is the perfect combination of modern luxury, and rustic comfort, and is the perfect Washington wedding venue.

Jenn and Martin had a beautiful summer wedding in Snoqualmie Washington. The weather was perfect, cloudy for great photos, and a cool breeze to keep everyone at a comfortable temperature. Their day started with emotional letters they wrote to each other, and then a first look filled with tears and laughter. We admit that we teared up a little ourselves. We did some portraits in the open field, with the mountains towering in the background.

The ceremony was out on the lawn, with all their friends and family, watching through teary eyes, as they read their beautiful vows together and said their “I dos”. The real fun started at the reception! When Jenn and Martin surprised us all with a beautifully choreographed dance! We stepped outside for some blue hour photos when things started to get crazy on the dance floor, then capped the night off with a sparkler exit! It truly was a magical wedding in Snoqualmie Washington

Jenn and Martin had a beautiful wedding day! I sat down to ask her a few questions about the ups and downs of the day, and the overall process, and you’ll find her answers throughout the post!

Wedding Dress hanging at elegant wedding in snoqualmie, washington Wedding details: shoes, invitations and rings on wood floor bride getting her makeup done bridesmaids posing in front of mountains wearing robes groom getting ready groom buttoning his tux bride getting her dress on with bridesmaids groom reading a letter from bride groom crying while reading brides letter bride reading letter from groom bride crying while reading grooms letter bride approaching groom for first look black and white of bride squeezing grooms booty groom turning around to see his bride for the first time

bride and groom hugging groom kissing brides cheek at wedding in snoqualmie, washington closeup of brides bouquet portrait of bride Bride and groom posing in open field with mountains in the background bride and groom leaning in for a kiss bride and groom looking at eachother groom and groomsmen laughing groom and groomsmen looking at the camera portrait of groom bridesmaids looking at each other and laughing closeup of bridesmaids looking at each other and laughing entire bridal party laughing bridal party looking at the camera closeup of bridal party laughing bride walking down the aisle at wedding in snoqualmie washington

 How did you choose your location?

Even though Martin and I are from Toronto, we decided to have our wedding in Snoqualmie Washington, and really wanted a venue that captured the essence of PNW.  For some reason, I was really fixated on mountains, and this random obsession led me to 2 things: 1) finding Nick & Danee’s magical mountainous elopements and excitedly telling Martin that I’ve found The One (not him, my wedding photographers) and 2) a visit to The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge after having visited a dozen other venues.  On a sunny spring day a year before our wedding there, we saw mountain ranges peeking through fluffs of clouds with a bed of green resting on the hills below. And just like that, our search was over 🙂

wide shot of ceremony at wedding in snoqualmie washington groom looking at bride at the ceremony bride reading her vows at ceremony bride reading her vows at her ceremony groom looking at bride at ceremony groom putting ring on bride at ceremony bride and groom kissing at ceremony bride and groom cheering at their ceremony bride and groom walking together during ceremony at wedding in snoqualmie washington closeup of bride and groom walking at their ceremony pink and white cake at the reception place settings at bride and groom table place setting at bride and groom table bride and groom dancing at reception

What was your favorite part of the experience?
Wait, favorite part.. singular? I have so many favorite parts!  Okay, I’ll pick three – besides getting to marry my goofball of a husband.
1) Wedding dress shopping – this is secretly every girl’s favorite part of the process, I swear.
2) Practicing our wedding dance – we had a custom choreography to City of Stars and had so much fun learning it. Our neighbors were definitely tired of the song after hearing it for 3 months while we practiced on the rooftop.
3) Getting back engagement/wedding photos – I truly believe no drug can imitate the high a bride gets from getting back her wedding photos.  Maybe I’m just weird.  Or maybe Nick & Danee just kicked ass.

closeup of bride and groom dancing at reception bride and groom dancing at reception

groom kissing brides shoulder in black and white groom spinning bride around at club at snoqualmie ridge wedding closeup of bride and groom holding hands

Do you have any tips for couples who are planning weddings?
It’s easy to get caught up in the things that don’t matter.  The weather that you can’t control, the difficult parent that you love, the forgetful guests that never RSVPed.  You get caught up and forget that the day is really just for you and your person.  For me, I was pretty nervous all the way ’til I started walking down the aisle – but once I locked eyes with Martin, every worry in my mind just melted away.  To this day, when I hear the song I walked down the aisle to – Repeat Until Death by Novo Amor, I still tear up.  To this day, I’m still convinced Martin’s eyes hold magical powers of some sort.  I hope every couple can remember the magical powers that they hold for each other especially during this crazy, wonderful time of their life.

bride and groom sparkler exit bride and groom sparkler exit at cub at snoqualmie ridge wedding

Vendor List

Venue: The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge; Website
Florist: Lily Bartmasser; Website
Cake Artist: Amber Markland; Website 
DJ: Kevin Olson; Website
Planner: Amber Hayes; Website
Wedding Dress Boutique: The Dress Theory; Website 
Wedding Dress Designer:  Rime Arodaky; Website
Videographer – Xenia Doualle; Website 


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