July 17, 2016

Cruisin’ n Boozin’

Okay, so I am going to apologize ahead of time that this blog post is a wee bit late, and a massive amount of photos, but… Its worth it I promise.

Danée’s family was organizing a surprise 50th birthday booze cruise for her cousin, Ray. Ray knew that he was going on a cruise for his birthday with his wife and kids, but he had NO idea that a ton of the family was going to surprise him on the ship.

Our first day started out in Long Beach, California where the cruise was leaving from. Danée and I actually got into Long Beach the morning before the cruise was leaving so we decided to explore the area a little bit and soak up some sun. The next morning we boarded the ship (Ray was already boarded) and one at a time we kept surprising him. He simply could not believe we organized something so large without him knowing anything about it. To top it off, other than Danée’s dad, NO ONE even knew we were flying in from Ohio to go on the cruise. So we surprised the entire family, which Danée hadn’t seen in quite some time and I was fortunate to meet a lot of her family I had never met before.

The first day of the cruise we stayed at port in Long Beach and left for sea in the evening. The second day we were at sea all day floating around enjoying the sun. The Third day we arrived in Baja, Mexico. Our intentions were to get off the ship and explore a little, but we only ended up making it to the little bar connected to the small shops…right off the ship lol. We made some really good friends with the wonderful bartenders and Im pretty sure we made them very happy with all the sales they were making. After dinner that evening we were headed back to Long Beach where we arrived in the morning and disembarked the vessel.

Overall an amazing little trip and quality time spent with loved ones. We took over 3000 amazing photos from this trip, but here is a short summary of all the shenanigans.


Cruise day 1

Cruise Day 2 + 3