Colored Wedding Dresses

Colored Wedding Dresses for your Adventurous Elopement!

We love our elopement clients, because we love that they’ve thrown away the traditional to do something unique. So, what could be more unique than throwing out the white dress, and going for one of the beautiful, colored wedding dresses on the market. We’ve made a list of our favorite colored wedding dresses that will scream “you”! Whether you want floral, red, black, or blue, we’ve got the perfect resources for finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Red Wedding Dresses

Pink Wedding Dresses

Blue Wedding Dresses

Floral Wedding Dresses

Jordan De Ruiter

Looking for floral wedding dresses with a vintage flare? This shop is awaiting you! Another Etsy shop, Jordan De Ruiter has a unique collection of embroidered floral wedding dresses that will make your jaw drop. Whether you’re looking for a cute, tutu style dress, or a floral wedding gown, you’ll find it here. My favorite dress is this embroidered gown.


Reformation is a great online boutique selling trendy, and modern clothes. They have a small collection of wedding dresses listed on their site. Among those bridal dresses, they have a few featured floral wedding dresses that are gorgeous. If chic, modern and trendy is your style, then these dresses are perfect for you! My favorite is the Camellia Dress. Be aware, that these dresses ell out quick and styles often change, so jump on yours quick!