Boho Wedding Dresses

Boho Wedding Dresses for your adventurous elopement!

The boho style swooped in and took the elopement world by storm. And it is here to stay. These boho wedding dresses are anything from flowy, lacy, modern, or vintage. The diversity of the bohemian look makes it popular, and so easy to do while staying true to yourself. Shopping for a unique elopement dress can be an overwhelming process. Especially if you are looking for something that no one else has, and something that doesn’t take up your whole elopement budget. This list should be helpful in finding your perfect boho wedding dress for your elopement.

All Who Wander

all who wander boho weddings dresses

All Who Wander is a line by Essence of Australia, made especially for the adventurous, modern, and carefree bride. We love the boho style of this line, the dresses are lightweight, whimsical, and perfect for a barefoot elopement on the beach or a hiking elopement in the mountains. If you looking for the perfect designer dress to match your carefree, boho spirit, then All Who Wander is the way to go.

Dreamers and Lovers

Dreamers And Lovers is a shop based out of California and is dedicated to providing that authentic, boho wedding dress style. Their dresses are lacy, lightweight, and so perfect for the wild child inside you. Their dresses are specifically designed for the bride who loves to move, whether that’s running through the woods at her elopement, or hiking up to a mountain at sunrise, or dipping the bottom in the ice-cold Pacific ocean. Dreamers and Lovers is the way to go for a unique, and completely boho wedding dress.

Grace Loves Lace

Boho wedding Dresses Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace is the epitome of bohemian bride-wear. The shop is based out of Australia, but they deliver everywhere in the world. And boy does that really deliver! Their dresses are everything you would want out of a boho wedding dress. Lace, off-shoulder, strapless, flowy, and so much more. Grace Loves Lace has great communication, and deliver the best quality you can ask for from a boho wedding dress.

Rue De Seine

Rue De Seine is where you want to go for a unique elopement dress. Are you a free thinker, with a wild child attitude? Do you hate the idea of being confined to a traditional dress at your elopement? Then your jaw will hit the floor with these Rue De Seine elopement dresses. Rue De Seine has a collection of unique, out of the box dresses that are there to help you stay true to yourself. We love this shop because it pushes the boundaries of tradition and takes boho wedding dresses to a whole new level.

Wear Your Love XO

Wear Your Love XO is an Etsy shop. run by a small team of people dedicated to making boho wedding dresses and your boho elopement dreams come true. Their dresses are unique, without being over the top, simple, yet stunning and sit at a great price point. The best part is that they are made from scratch and completely one of kind, so you can customize and know that each dress is specifically made for you.

They give top-notch customer service to each and every bride that contacts them about a dress, and they put their heart and soul into making it perfect for you. If you are looking for a personal touch for your boho wedding dress, then look no further then Wear Your Love XO.


BHLDN is one of those versatile dress boutiques that appeals to every bride’s style but still provides a unique selection of dresses. Their boho selection is wild, elegant, and absolutely stunning. Choose from their unique dresses from off-shoulder to illusion sleeve, lace and tulle, and even whimsical chiffon. What’s great about this store as well as its collection of unique and beautiful, boho wedding accessories like headpieces, jewelry, and belts. Visit one of their shops or consult with an expert on their site, and find the perfect boho wedding dress for you.