Beautiful Elopement at Gold Creek Pond

Are you guys ready for this wild ride? I hope so! Buckle up for the perfect Gold Creek Pond elopement

The Inquiry

Lauren and Daniel are Texas natives always looking for adventure. They were looking to branch out of their hometown with a few close family members for the epic, Washington adventure of a lifetime. They were my first couple to get married coming out of quarantine, and they were not going to let it darken their door.

It took us a while to get to a Gold Creek Pond elopement. Coming out of a worldwide pandemic, we all had a hard time knowing what to expect. We tried so hard to keep our heads up, and find the perfect place to safely have their elopement, but our options were running thin.

The Washington landscape that Lauren fell in love with was the North Cascades, and we waited and waited with nail-biting anticipation for it to open, but as we got closer, we started to throw around other options. I mentioned Gold Creek Pond a few times, but being that it isn’t as well known, it was hard to explain how epic, and accessible this place was.

Gold Creek Pond

Gold Creek Pond is located in the Snoqualmie region, by Cle Elum, Washington. It was man made in the 70s and used as a gravel pit to build the nearby highway. Now it is a crystal clear pond, with stunning mountain views. It is ADA and stroller accessible. It is a great place for an elopement with a larger group of people who maybe aren’t experienced with hiking. Or groups with wheelchairs and strollers. It is definitely one of our favorite places to elope in Washington

The Gold Creek Pond Elopement

Lauren and Daniel decided on Gold Creek Pond because of its accessibility and its proximity to Seattle. Their Gold Creek Pond elopement was truly a DREAM. Rain was on the forecast all day, even possibly thunderstorms. However, they held their heads up and carried on, not letting anything dampen their moods.

Lauren and I drove together and she wrote out her vows as we drove through the Snoqualmie region. When we arrived to their Gold Creek Pond elopement, the sky completely opened up, and the mountains were clear. Lauren was overwhelmed with happiness.

They did a first look in the woods, laughing and holding each other, then we made our way to the pond where their guests were waiting. There was no one at the pond, we had the whole place to ourselves. They had a tearful ceremony and played in the open field facing mountain views for their portraits until the sun went down. It was a truly magical Gold Creek Pond elopement.


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