Artist Point Styled Elopement

artist point styled photoshoot

The Artist Point Styled Photoshoot

Well… Once again… The Pacific Northwest does not disappoint! We’re pretty sure we spent this day living in a real-life Bob Ross painting with this Artist Point styled photoshoot. Which is exactly what Artist Point makes you feel like. Rolling mountain peaks as far as the eye can see, a quiet, peacefulness that comes over you while you’re al the way up, head in the clouds, above the world. You’ll see exactly what we mean when you start scrolling 

It was a beautiful day for a session at Artist Point, Mount Baker in the North Cascades. Artist Point is located at the end of Mount Baker highway, at 1600 feet, and offers 360 views of Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker. It is a popular spot for elopements because of it’s natural beauty, it’s accessibility and unique-ness. The location is not accessible throughout the whole year, the best time to go is in July, when most of the snow has melted, and the sky tends to stay open for those gorgeous Washington sunsets. 

We had just about every contradicting element to work with… Sunny blue skies but also storm clouds. Lush greenery but also snow. Warm sun but also frigid winds. We got a little taste of everything. That’ the thing about mountain top elopements, you’re in a different world. You’re a guest in a completely foreign environment. And it’s the perfect recipe for a perfect elopement, connecting back to nature, using your surroundings for good, declaring your love in the most natural way possible. 

And while you feel so so small, you also feel like the biggest person in the world, knowing the real world is turning below you, and you’re up there, in slow motion. But we are not complaining in the slightest, even though the weather was touch and go, teasing us here and there, it still made for a gorgeous session!

Erika with The Greatest Adventure thought of it all when it came to planning and styling this Artist Point Styled Photoshoot. She is also the mastermind behind these beautiful flowers! This unique bouquet had a rustic, almost desert feel with a pop of color, pinks and magentas. She is the best elopement planner in town, she really can do it all.

Anne Timss is a talented individual who did Alyssa’s flawless hair and makeup. Seriously though… Alyssa looked STUNNING. She wore her brown hair in a messy low bun updo, to make sure we could all see the back of that dress. She wore a cap sleeved, lace wedding dress, with an illusion top, and an intricate design throughout.  Ethan wore tan slacks with a navy sport coat, a light blue button down and brown shoes and belt, very stylish! They looked like they jumped straight off of a PNW elopement magazine. 

Even though this was just an Artist Point Styled Photoshoot, these two did not skimp on the love. Their passion and love for each other radiated off them, straight onto our camera. And when you find yourself drooling over these jaw-dropping wedding rings and Alyssa’s incredible wedding gown… No worries… We won’t judge. 😉 Green Lake Jewelry is located in Seattle and Bellevue and specializes in unique engagement rings and custom designed wedding bands. You can find Alyssa’s gown and a wide variety of other beautiful dresses at The Dress Theory in Seattle. 

And now… Enjoy all of the gorgeousness!! 😀 

artist point styled photoshoot artist point styled photoshoot with mount baker in the background

bride and groom in the trees at artist point Sunset at mt baker ski area bride holding bouquet during artist point styled photoshoot photo of mount baker on a clear day groom spinning bride on top of a mountain couple snuggled up while at artist point styled photoshoot

This Artist Point Styled Photoshoot was photographed by Nick Plus Danee. A husband and wife Seattle based, adventurous elopement photography team. To book us for your Artist Point elopement, contact us! 


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