Alexis & Jake

I met Alexis and Jake in 2019, pre pandemic. I shot their engagement photos on a chilly, snowy morning at Gold Creek Pond. These two were quiet, and probably sleepy, at first, then came alive in front of my camera. They had an easy and seamless nature, they were bursting with love and completely perfect.

They had a plan to marry in the summer of 2020, in Southern California, and then, well… you know the rest.

So, attempting to wait out the virus, I didn’t hear from them for a little while. But sure enough, Alexis was in my inbox, asking about an elopement. We chatted on the phone like old friends, she has a way of making you feel like you’ve known each other forever. We threw around some ideas, and clumsily made a loose plan for a small adventure elopement. The guest list changed, the location changed, multiple times. We had fun throwing together ideas, completely ignoring “wedding rules” and creating something from scratch.

Alexis and Jake finally found the perfect spot. A small, wooded trail in the Bainbridge area, and set their sights on a small hiking elopement. The day came and the weather held out for us, which you know by now is rare for Washington State. When I arrived, the sun was leaking through the trees, creating a magical, heavenly atmosphere. Alexis showed up with some family members and looked absolutely stunning in a bohemian, off shoulder, lace dress, white rose bouquet in hand. She had a tearful first look with her dad, then we set off on the trail, where Jake was waiting.

The ceremony was lively and beautiful. They shared their first kiss with their small group of guests cheering loudly. We ran around the woods after that, stopping every ten steps for photo opportunities. This woodsy Washington elopement was so perfect for boho, earthy, PNW vibes.


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